Vida Fuel Blog

  • Meet our dietitians: Julie Ruff, RD

    Meet Julie Ruff, RD: As a registered dietitian and clinical educator at Vidafuel, the most common question Julie gets asked is: "Can you write me a meal plan?!". And while everyone's dietary needs are different, there's one piece of advice she stands by: all foods can be enjoyed in moderation!

    Get to know her as she shares:

    • What inspired her to enter the world of nutrition
    • How she helped a patient get off dialysis and become eligible for a kidney transplant
    • Nutritional advice on high-quality vs. low-quality food
  • Meet our dietitians: Ellen Paterson, RDN

    Meet Ellen Paterson, RDN: Vidafuel's VP of Sales and Business Development, and registered Dietitian. Ellen loves to educate and promote a healthier lifestyle through foodGet to know her as she shares: 

    • Her personal journey and how it influenced her career
    • Patient stories that made an impact
    • When someone should get in touch with a dietitian
    • Her favorite food (after a salad, of course!)