Vida Fuel Blog

  • Meet our dietitians: Dana Trotta, MS, RDN, CSR

    Meet Dana Trotta, MS, RDN, CSR: As a Vidafuel Clinical Educator (and registered dietitian), Dana has spent the last ten years refining her skills teaching others about diet and nutrition.

    In our latest blog post, Dana shares:

    • Her educational background and why she chose dietetics
    • Why she recommends a high-quality nutrient diet
    • What it's like being a renal dietitian and clinical educator for Vidafuel
  • Meet our dietitians: Vanessa Rojas-Bautista, RDN

    Meet Vanessa Rojas-Bautista, RDN: As a Vidafuel Sales Executive (and registered dietitian), Vanessa has been passionate about helping others on their journey to better nutrition for as long as she can remember.

    In our latest blog post, Vanessa candidly shares her personal journey, including:

    • What inspired her to enter the world of nutrition
    • Food recommendations for eating out or ordering in
    • What is the best (or worst) diet out there? 
    • How she went above and beyond to help a patient with high phosphorus get down to a normal level
  • Meet our dietitians: Julie Ruff, RD

    Meet Julie Ruff, RD: As a registered dietitian and clinical educator at Vidafuel, the most common question Julie gets asked is: "Can you write me a meal plan?!". And while everyone's dietary needs are different, there's one piece of advice she stands by: all foods can be enjoyed in moderation!

    Get to know her as she shares:

    • What inspired her to enter the world of nutrition
    • How she helped a patient get off dialysis and become eligible for a kidney transplant
    • Nutritional advice on high-quality vs. low-quality food
  • Meet our dietitians: Ellen Paterson, RDN

    Meet Ellen Paterson, RDN: Vidafuel's VP of Sales and Business Development, and registered Dietitian. Ellen loves to educate and promote a healthier lifestyle through foodGet to know her as she shares: 

    • Her personal journey and how it influenced her career
    • Patient stories that made an impact
    • When someone should get in touch with a dietitian
    • Her favorite food (after a salad, of course!)