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Potato Chip Variety Pack
Potato Chip Variety Pack
Potato Chip Variety Pack

Potato Chip Variety Pack

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12 Original Chips + 12 BBQ Chips

Healthy Snacking made easy:

 Our dietitians have taken your favorite snacks and made them healthier by simplifying the ingredients and cutting down on the bad stuff like sugar, sodium and fat. We also maintain a healthy balance of minerals such as potassium and phosphorus, making our products kidney-friendly! With simple ingredients and delicious flavors, following your diet has never been easier.  

Dietitian developed for:

  • Kidney health: we limit potassium and phosphorus so your kidneys don't have to work as hard.
  • Diabetic and pre-diabetic: we limit sugar to 5g per serving or less and keep sodium low. We never use any artificial sugar substitutes or sugar alcohols. 
  • Heart conscious: we limit sodium and fat to keep your heart happy.
  • General health and wellness: all people can benefit from less sugar, salt and unhealthy fat!